Tour de Murter

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The ultimate route to see the whole Murter.
It is moderatly chalenging route that takes you trough all  the settelmants on Murter island. It will take you on single tracks, grawel roads, paved roads, up hill, doen hill...

Make shure to wonder a bit off the laid track to get some of the best sights on Murter.
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XCP Trail

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Technical and interesting trail that takes you on the trail of
XC winter league race.

Trail is 24km long
around the whole island of Murter and is a great mix of technically
demanding and casual segments with great views and scenery.

Raduč Hill

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Raduč trail takes you from beach Čigrađa over the top of the Raduč hill on the other side where you can find another beautiful beach Slanica.

Trail is 4km long for casual bikers and families. On the top of the hill you can find beautiful view on the whole Murter archipelago  as well as abandoned coastal battery fortifications with tunnels and bunkers to explore.

Crnikovac Trail

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Crnikovac is a casual trail that takes you from beach Luke to beach Podvrške and possibly further to beach Slanica or back to Luke.

Trail is 6km long and it is great for some casual sightseeing and joyrides.

Gradina Trail

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The Roman town of Colentum was situated close to where the modern settlement is today, its remains lie at the foot of the hill Gradina.
This trail connects Betina and Murter over Colentum remains and by the first archaeological beach.

There are over 2450km of various cycling trails in the Šibenik-Knin County,
so even the most demanding cyclists are sure to find something to satisfy their appetite. 

Three trails are connected to Murter, two of which are less difficult, asphalt trails
215 Murter – Betina and 216 Bodulska priča (Bodul story).
The third Murter trail is the most spectacular one, and it is the 214 Najljepši vidikovci (Most beautiful viewpoints) trail,
suitable for very experienced cyclists. 

You can find all the trails on web page Bike&hike.